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Descendants of Joseph Johnson of Claypole, Lincolnshire born about1777

Lydia Jane Johnson’s (my maternal grandmother) great grandfather was Joseph Johnson who lived and died in Claypole, close to the boundary between Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, a few miles south east of Newark. The spire of Claypole church is clearly visible from the great north road (A1). We visited the churchyard in 1984 and saw his grave, which is inscribed;
Joseph Johnson died July (19?) 1851 aged 73
Lived to die - died to live.

i.e. he was born in 1777/78. He is buried with his wife Elizabeth. The tombstone shows that she died 1 February 1860 aged 85 i.e. she was born in 1775 and was 3 years older than her husband. Their daughter Ann, died 12 February 1888 aged 7(8?) i.e. born c1810, and her husband Andrew Smith died 4 July 1874 aged 73 (i.e. born 1801), are also buried at Claypole.
His wife was Elizabeth Saunders baptised 11/1/1775 Segebrook, Lincoln daughter of Samuel & Elisabeth.
I have a transcript of Joseph Johnson’s will copied and dated 7 June 1923 by WGJ. This came to my mother from her cousin Ernest Johnson. WGJ is probably Ernest's father Walter Johnson. The will was signed 26 May 1851 just three months before Joseph Johnson died.
This is the last will and testament of Joseph Johnson, cottager of Claypole in the County of Lincoln.
I hereby state in the first place so that it may prevent any confusion after my death, that I have had my stock valued; namely Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Mare, Cart and all my implements of husbandry, and fodder; and I have disposed of half of the same, to Andrew Smith husband of Ann Smith my daughter, and have received the money due upon half of the valuation before mentioned, and I have given the said Andrew Smith, a receipt for the same, and I have also taken the said Andrew Smith, into partnership, and as half tenant to the land and house, I hold under Sir Robert Heron, Baronet Stubton, in the County of Lincoln. The said Robert Heron having accepted the before mentioned Andrew Smith, as half tenant, to the before mentioned house and land. My share of the Stock, ready money, and household furniture, to be disposed of; as the following instruction will show. First I desire that all my just debts, testamentary and funeral expenses be paid, and after payment thereof; I give and bequest to my wife Elizabeth Johnson, all the property I die possessed of, real and personal, ready money, furniture, live and dead stock, to have and to hold for her benefit, to sell if she pleases to maintain her, in her declining years. Secondly I give and bequest to my children (after the death of my beloved wife Elizabeth Johnson) the following articles, namely I give and bequest to my son Joseph Johnson, now living at Ash, in the County of Kent, one silver half pint, marked “E.G.” and also two silver table spoons marked “E.W.”. I give and bequest to my son Thomas Johnson, now living at Lincoln, in the County of Lincoln, two silver table spoons, one marked “T.T.C”, and the other without mark, and also six silver teaspoons, five marked “B.W.E”, and the other marked “J.E.A”. I also give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Smith, wife of Andrew Smith, now living with me at Claypole, in the County of Lincoln, one silver table spoon, marked “J” and also three silver table spoons marked “J”. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Sarah Johnson, one silver tablespoon marked “J” and also three silver teaspoons marked “J”. I give and bequeath unto the last mentioned Sarah Johnson, my daughter; my best bedstead, and hanging pillows, and bolsters complete. I likewise give and bequest to the before mentioned Sarah Johnson, my daughter; a set of drawers, now standing in the same room as the before mentioned bed and bedstead, before mentioned.
I give and bequeath to my Grandson, George Johnson, the son of Joseph Johnson (my son as before mentioned) my silver watch, and it is my will that after the decease of my dearly beloved wife, Elizabeth Johnson the remainder of my property (if any) consisting of what it may, shall be sold or divided equally between my five children if living, or their heirs, namely to George Johnson (my son) living at Adelaide, in South Australia, to Joseph Johnson now living at Ash in the County of Kent. To Thomas Johnson, now living at Lincoln in the County of Lincoln. To Ann Smith wife of Andrew Smith now living at Claypole in the County of Lincoln.
This is to be clearly understood that the property (if any) after the decease of my wife Elizabeth Johnson, shall be equally divided amongst my five children or their heirs, taking share and share alike, and lastly I make and constitute my beloved wife Elizabeth Johnson, sole Executrix, to this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twenty sixth day of May,one thousand eight hundred and fifty one.
Joseph Johnson, signed sealed and delivered by the within named testator, Joseph Johnson to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us present, at the same time who in his presence have subscribed our names as witness.
William Tilleard, Elijah Astling, John Hunt
(Elijah Astling was born around 1811 at Claypole and was married to Elizabeth Loughton Familysearch)

The Lincolnshire Johnsons are mainly dealt with separately and here I will concentrate on the descendants of Joseph Johnson who moved to East Kent.
Mum told me that Joseph and Elizabeth’s son Joseph worked as head gardener at Nethercourt, St Lawrence, Ramsgate. The 1881 Census shows Joseph was living at Nethercourt Lodge, St Lawrence, Ramsgate aged 65 (ie born 1815/16). His birthplace is given as Coddington, Nottinghamshire. He was baptised at Coddington on 20 August 1815, parents Joseph and Elizabeth Johnson.
Coddington is a mile NE of Newark just in Nottinghamshire and about 3 miles from Claypole.

Mum said that Joseph’s son Joseph who lived in Ash, Kent, married Sarah Dixon. They would be great, great grandparents of my generation. Mum’s sister, Ivy, provided a copy of a statement of Sarah’s dues (10s 1d) on leaving the National School, Nonnington in 1825 (near Ash).

1841 Joseph was living at home in Claypole with his parents and his brother Thomas.

1851 Joseph Johnson, 35, groom, born Coddington, Notts living at Ash, Kent with his wife Sarah, 38, born Nonnington, Kent and their children: Elizabeth S Johnson, 5, born Ash; George 4, born Ash, and Sarah Ann 1, born St Marys Dover.
So he had married and moved to Kent by 1845. His marriage to Sarah Dixon was registered Eastry Dec 1844 5 219.
Joseph and Elizabeth had at least four children: George (referred to in the will of Joseph of Claypole), Elizabeth Susan, Sarah Ann (Sally) and Emma.

Elizabeth Susan Johnson birth registered Eastry Sept 1845 5 142
George Johnson birth registered Eastry June 1847 5 13[5_]
Sarah Ann birth registered Dover March 1850 5 136
Emma Johnson birth registered Thanet Sept 1856 2a 557.
We know George married raised a large family and spent his life in Ramsgate; Mum thought Emma died in her teens. She may have died younger as there is a death of Emma Johnson registered Thanet Dec 1865 2a 450. Sarah remained single and lived with her father until his death. She then went to live with her niece Lydia Jane Challis (nee Johnson). Elizabeth lived for a long time in Claypole with her aunt (Ann Smith, her father’s, Joseph Johnson, sister). Elizabeth married a local farmer, Richard Willows, and remained in Lincolnshire. Her son, Richard Smith Willows was probably named Smith after her aunt and uncle. Interestingly he married Nellie Beatrice Kemp of Sedgebrook where Joseph’s mother had come from. The families of George Johnson and his sister Elizabeth Willows are covered below.

1861 census living at Heredon, St Lawrence, Ramsgate RG 9;538; 84; 17
Joseph Johnson Head 45 Coddington, Notts
Sarah Wife 48 Nonnington, Kent
George son 14 Ash, Kent
Sarah dau 11 Dover, Kent
Emma dau 4 Dumpton, Kent

Daughter Elizabeth aged 15 was living with her aunt Ann Smith (nee Johnson), in Claypole, Lincolnshire, Source Citation RG9; 2482; 47; 10.
1871 census Joseph Johnson, 55, gardener, born Coddington, Notts living at Southwood House Lodge, St Lawrence: with his wife Sarah, 57, born Nonnington. RG10; Piece: 996; Folio: 135; Page 20.
I think Emma had died.
Elizabeth Johnson was still living in Claypole with her aunt Ann Smith
The 1871 census shows Ann Smith, 60, born Coddington living in Claypole with her husband, Andrew Smith (agrees with the will) aged 70, farmer of 31 acres, born Goadby, Leicester (east of Leicester just south of A47) and Elizabeth Johnson, niece aged 25, dressmaker, born Ash, Kent.
George had married and was living at 1 Meeting Street, Ramsgate. He was 24, working as an oilman’s carman, born Ash next Sandwich. Eliza A, his wife was 22, born Ramsgate. Their son, Walter G was 5 months, born Ramsgate. Living with them was Elizabeth H A Cramp, widow and sister to Eliza A, and her two children Mercy L, 4; and Thomas H 1 all born Ramsgate. Source RG10; 994; 44; 36.
1881 census gives Joseph as a widower aged 65 and he is living at Nethercourt Lodge with his daughter Sarah Johnson who was 31, single and born in Dover. So his wife Sarah had died between 1871 and 1881. There are two possible registrations;
Sarah Johnson Thanet Mar 1874 2a 507, aged 61
Sarah Johnson Thanet June 1880 2a 487, aged 67
Mum said that Joseph was head gardener to Lady Joffery at Nethercourt, near Ramsgate and lived in a lodge on the estate.
There are a few details of Nethercourt in “A Short Account of the Isle of Thanet” by Robert Hunter:
Nether-Court, a short distance from the above village (i.e. St Lawrence), was the inheritance of the ancient family of Goshall, in the parish of Ash; it was afterwards passed to several families of St Nicholas, Dynley, Maycott, Lucas, Anthony, Johnson, and Brooke: - it is now the property of Thomas Garrett, esq. major of the East Kent and Thanet Yeomanry cavalry, who has improved the grounds, repaired the building, and added much to the beauty of this charming seat.
1891 census Joseph Johnson, 75, gardener, born Coddington, Notts; living at Nethercourt Lodge with his daughter Sarah Ann Johnson, 41, Source citation RG12; 733;19;1
1901 census Joseph was living at Jasmine Cottage, St Lawrence aged 85, retired gardener with Sarah his daughter 51 needlewoman.
1902 death of Joseph Johnson registered Thanet June 1902 2a 604, aged 86.
Mum thought Joseph died around 1906 because and said that his daughter Sally (Sarah - Mum’s great aunt) came to live with them in Westcliff Road, Ramsgate when her father died in 1906, aged 91, in the year that Mum was born. Sarah may have died in Dover – death registered Dover Dec 1908 2a 637 aged 58 (born about 1850 which fits perectly). However Mum spoke of Aunt Sally as though she remembered her well and this doesn’t seem likely if Mum was only two when Sally died.

George Johnson b 1847
Mum was clear that Joseph’s son (ie George but she thought he was also called Joseph) was our great grandfather and that he married Elisa(beth) Annisley Maxted. Elisa’s father was a pork butcher in King’s Street, Ramsgate. Maxted’s were still butchers in Kent in 1983 when we lived in Canterbury.
Mum said George and Elisa(beth) had 11 children; one boy and 10 girls: plus Nellie (is this Ellen), Louise, Winifred, Ethel and 2 others.
The 1881 Census shows beyond doubt that our great grandfather was George and not Joseph. Mum said her grandfather ie George became manager of the grocers Page and Son in Ramsgate. Incidentally the copy of ”Short Account of the Isle of Thanet “ which was given to us by Mum has a neat printed label on the inside front cover “William Page, Broadstairs, and on the opposite page “1815” is clearly written in pencil. William Page must surely be something to do with the Page that employed George Johnson. Given to Suzannah Foad, Margate for great help with local searches Jan. 2005.
The 1881 Census gives George Johnson living at 40 King Street, Ramsgate. He was 34 and was born in Ash around 1847. He was employed as a grocer's warehouseman. His wife was Elizabeth age 32 and was born in Ramsgate (in 1849). Their children were Walter G 10, Emma 8, Lydia Jane 7, Ellen 4, Edith 2 and Mary A 2 months. The children agree with Mum's recollection and Grandma's year of birth also agrees so there is no doubt that this is the right family. This means our great grandfather George is the grandson referred to in Joseph's will.
William Maxted aged 70 and his wife Pamela aged 63 were living next door at 38 Kings Street. William was a pork butcher and it is more than likely that they are Elizabeth's parents as the facts fit with Mum's recollection. Both were born in Ramsgate. I could only find three pork butchers named Maxted in Kent. There was one other in Ramsgate: James Maxted at Alexander Road, St Lawrence. It looks as though George married the girl next door. I did not find the marriage on family search
William Maxted would have been born ca 1811 and I found a baptism at St Lawrence, Ramsgate on 3/2/1811. The parents were William and Hannah. I found a marriage of William to Hannah Fryer at Chislet, Kent (about 10 miles west of Ramsgate) on 27/12/1809.
I only found one baptismal record for Hannah Fryer (Ann) in Kent for the period 1770 -1810. This was at Chislet on 25/11/1770 and the parents were William and Elizabeth. She would be 39 on marriage if she is the wife of William which is plausible.
1891 Census living at 1 Pleasant Villas, St Lawrence: George Johnson, head 44, Grocer’s Assistant, born Ash; Eliza A, wife, 42; Walter G, son, 20, wine merchants’s porter; Emma, dau,18; Ellen, dau, 14, dressmaker’s apprentice; Edith A, dau,12; Mary A, dau, 10; Annie E,dau, 8; Florence L, dau, 6; Louisa A, dau, 3; Ethel M, dau , 6months – all born Ramsgate.
Where is Lydia Jane b 1873? Not married as Thomas Challis her future husband was 21, single with his parents at the Albert Inn, Ramsgate.
The census gives the 11 children – 1 boy and 10 girls exactly as Mum said. The birth registrations were:
Walter G Thanet Dec 1870 2a781
Emma Thanet Sept 1872 2a 822
Lydia Jane Thanet Dec 1873 2a 827
Ellen Thanet Dec 1876 2a 880
Edith Amy Thanet June 1879 2a 848
Mary Ann Thanet March 1881 2a 947
Annie Eliza Thanet June 1882 2a 926
Florence Lucy Thanet March 1885 2a 985
Louisa Kate Thanet June 1887 2a 951
Ethel Marion Thanet Dec 1890 2a 847
Winifred Hettie Thanet Dec 1892 2a 882
These were my mother’s aunts and uncle but I never met any of them and she did not speak about them as far as I remember.
1901 census the family was all living in Ramsgate. Only Walter and Lydia Jane had married it appears that none of other 9 girls had: living at 2-6 Queen Street, Ramsgate, George Johnson, 53 Grocer’s assistant born Ash, Eliza Ansley 51, wife, Louisa Kate 13, Ethel, Winifred Hettie 8, all born Ramsgate Class: RG13; Piece: 825; Folio: 80; Page: 30.
Walter G was at Reading St Post Office, Thanet (see below).
Lydia Jane was living at 27 West cliff Road, Ramsgate with her husband Thomas F Challis and two daughters: Ivy 4 born Ash , and Violet 2 others born Ramsgate
Edith A 22 was a kitchen maid at Wellesley School St Peters
Emma 28, Ellen 24 and Mary 20 sisters living together as dressmakers at 4 Ballure, 97 Eastern Rd, Ramsgate.
Florence, 16, was living with her brother Walter (born 1875)
Annie E was probably as servant with Frances E Hughes at 149 High St, Ramsgate, given as 18, born Ramsgate. .

Walter, who was the eldest child, kept the Reading Street Post Office near Broadstairs. He married Ellen Elizabeth Powell, born Ramsgate Registered Thanet Mar 1895 2a 1131 but bride not given in FreeBMD. Birth reg of Ellen Elizabeth Powell not found.
They had two children: Ernest Walter Johnson birth registered Thanet Sept 1899 2a 1014 and Jessie Powell Johnson reg March 1907 Thanet 2a 1067.
Jessie’s husband was killed in the 1939 - 45 war and she remarried to an American (William Adam) and went to live in America. Ernest was a telephone engineer and he gave the copy of the will of Joseph Johnson of Claypole to Aunty Olly.
1901 census at 101, Reading Street, Post Office shop,
Walter Johnson , head, 30 grocer and butcher, born Ramsgate,
Ellen wife 30, butcher, born Ramsgate
Ernest son 1 born St Peters, (Ernest Walter registered Thanet Sept. 1899 2a 1014)
Florence sister, 16 grocer’s assistant born Ramsgate.

George and Elisabeth are buried in St Lawrence cemetery, Ramsgate. Mum remembers going with her great aunt Sally to clean the tombstone when she was a child.

Elizabeth Susan Johnson b 1845
Her marriage to Richard Willows was registered Newark Dec 1872 7b 728. They were living in Foston, Lincolnshire: Richard Willows, 48, farmer of 100 acres, born Foston; Elizabeth S, 37, born Ash, Kent; Sarah A, 7; Richard S, 5; Kate, 3; all born Foston.
Sarah Ann birth registered Newark Dec 1865 7b 295
Richard Smith birth registered Newark June 1875 7b 370
Kate birth registered Newark March 1878 7b 395

Her husband Richard Willows and family
1891 census living at Great North Road, Foston: Richard Willows, 57, farmer, born Foston; Elizabeth Willows, wife, age illegible, born Ash, Kent; Sarah Ann Willows, 17; Richard Smith Willows, 15; and Kate Willows, 13; all born Foston Source RG12; 2715; 92; 3.
1901 census living at Long Bennington with Foston (street not recorded): Richard Willows, 67, farmer, born Foston; Elizabeth S, 55, born Ash, Kent; Sarah A, 27, single and Kate 23, single; both born Foston.
Son, Richard Smith Willows had graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge and was living in London.
Name: Richard Smith Willows College: TRINITY Entered: Lent, 1898 Born: 15 Apr 1875 More Information: Adm. Pens. At TRINITY, Jan. 8, 1898; an ‘Advanced Student.’ S. of Richard, of Foston, Grantham, Lincs. B. there, Apr. 15, 1875. Schools [Sedgebrook School, Grantham and] University College, Nottingham. Matric. Lent, 1898; B.A. 1899; M.A. 1904. Lecturer at the Battersea Polytechnic for 2 years; Head of the Dept. of mathematics and physics at the Sir John Cass technical Institute, London from 1902-21-. Author, A Textbook of Physics. Of 15, Rodenhurst Road, Clapham Park, London. (Schoolmasters’ Directories.) ex Ancestry Cambridge Alumini
He also wrote Surface tension and surface energy and their influence on chemical phenomena” by Willows, Richard Smith, 1875- Published by J. & A. Churchill,
London 1915.
Sedgebrook School must have had a very high standard as one of Richard Willows contemporaries also went to Cambridge:
Pall Mall Gazette Saturday June 18 1898
Yet another student has climbed the ladder from the elementary school to the University. Mr Alfred R. Godfrey, the penultimate of the Senior Optimes, and the highest of the non-collegiates in the Tripos, received his early education at the Barrowby (Lincolnshire) National School and the Sedgebrook National School, then obtaining a Kesteven county scholarship, with which he proceeded first to Nottingham University School and subsequently to Cambridge, where he also won a Clothworkers' Exhibition.
Alfred Robert Godfrey Entered:Michs. 1895Matric. Non-Coll. Michs. 1895. [School, Sedgbrook Grammar, Grantham, and at Nottingham University College and London University; County Council Scholar of Kesteven; Leathersellers' Scholar.] B.A. 1898; M.A. 1903. Assistant Master at Sedgbrook Grammar School, for four years; at Kirkham Grammar School, for three years. Head Master of Appleby Grammar School, Leics., 1901-4. Ord. deacon (Bp Mitchinson) 1902; priest (Peterb.) 1903; C. of Appleby, Leics., 1902-4. C. of St Michael and All Angels, Northampton, 1904-8. C. of Finedon, Northants., 1908-12. V. of Carbrooke, Norfolk, 1912-25. V. of St Margaret's, Thornbury, Yorks., 1925-32. V. of Austwick, 1932-43. (Crockford; Schoolmasters' Directories.) ex Cambridge Alumni from

1901 census Richard Willows was living as a boarder at 59 Elms Road, Clapham, 25, single, lecturer in Physics, born Foston, Lincolnshire.
He married later that year: marriage registered Newark Sept 1901 7b 891, to Nellie Beatrice Kemp. According to a personal tree on Ancestry she was born 1873, Sedgebrook and died 1925. This is not correct she was born in Harby, Leicestershire.but she was living with her parents in Sedgebrook in 1891. Clearly Richard met Nellie in Sedgebrook and she had been living there for a least 10 years.
Apparently Richard Smith Willows and Nellie had two children: Richard Willows b 1904, died Manchester and Helen Willows born 12 Sept 1904 Clapham.
Helen Kate Willows Birth registered Wandsworth Dec 1904 1d 639. I have made no attempt to take this further.

1891 census living at Manor House, Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire: George Kemp, 49, farmer born Harby, Leicestershire; Ellen, 44, wife; place of birth not clear but Leicestershire; Nelly B, daughter, 18, born Harby; William G, 13, born Langar, Notts; Sybil Ann, 11, born Langar. Source RG12; 2715; 102; 6.
Nellie Beatrice Kemp birth registered Melton Mowbray Sept 1872 7a 267.
Daily News - London Wednesday November 23 1898
A sad death occurred at Newark yesterday during a meeting of the Claypole District Council. The appointment of Treasurer to the Council, for which there were 3 candidates, was under consideration and voting had reached the final stage, when a councillor, Mr Kemp, a farmer, of Sedgebrook was seized with an apoplectic fit and died almost immediately. Ex Elizabeth Hampson
This agrees perfectly with the death of George Kemp registered Newark Dec 1898 7b 256 aged 57 ie born 1841. He was baptised 2 Jan 1842 at Harby and so was probably born late 1841. This is consistent with appearing in the census as born 1842.
Ellen’s death was probably Ellen Kemp registered Newark Dec 1895 7b 247, aged 48.

1881 Census: Living at Langar Grange, Langar, Nottinghamshire: George Kemp, 39, farmer of 353 acres; Ellen, 35, wife; Nellie Beatrice, 7; Mary Frances, 7; all born Harby, Leicestershire; William George, 3; Sybil Ann, 1 both born Langar, Nottinghamshire; Mary Kemp, mother, 68, retired farmer, born Harby; together with a governess and two servants. Source Citation: Class: RG11; Piece: 3381; Folio: 45; Page: 1.

The marriage of George Kemp to Ellen Glenn was registered Melton Mowbray Dec 1871 7a 601
George Kemp was baptised Harby, Leics. 2 Jan1842, son of William and Mary. They also had Mary Ann baptised at Harby 13 Aug 1848. batch C053701. The census indicates they had no other children.
Ellen Kemp is probably Ellen Kemp birth registered Melton Mowbray March 1847 15 203. She is in the 1861 census living in Hose (1.3 miles from Harby) with her parents and siblings: William Glenn 48, builder, born Hose; Ann 45, wife, born Eaton; Fanny 19, daughter; Joseph A 16, son; Ellen 14, daughter, all born Hose. Source RG9; 2302; 74; 18. In the 1871 census they were still living at Hose: William Glen 57, stone cutter, born Hose; Ann 54, wife, born Eaton; Fanny 28, single, milliner; Ellen 24, dairy maid, single; both born Hose. Source RG10; 3296; 109; 7.
The family was in Hose in the 1851 census.
George Kemps parents were married at Harby on 8 July 1834 - William Kemp to Mary Hall.
1871 census living at Burden Lane, Harby, Leicestershire: William Kemp, 62, farmer of 94 acres, deaf; Mary, 58, wife; George, son, 29, single; all born Harby. RG10; Piece 3296; Folio 91; page1.
1861 census living at Northern Road, Harby: William Kemp, 51, farmer born Harby; Mary, 48, wife, born Harby; George, 19, son; Mary A, 12, daughter, both born Harby.
1851 census living in Harby: William, 42, grazier 32 acres, Mary, 38, wife; George, 9, son; Mary Ann, 2, daughter – all born Harby, Leicestershire.
William was born 1809/10 and I suspect he was son of William and Alice Kemp baptised 16 Oct 1809 at St Guthlake, Stathern, Leicestershire. This is less than 2 miles from Harby.
William and Alice Kemp had the following children all baptised at Stathern:
Elizabeth 21 Aug 1802
Sarah 27 Feb 1809
Alice 23 May 1807
(William 13 Oct 1809)
Richard 4 Dec 1812

I think it is very likely that this couple married at Plungar on 16 May 1802 (IGI submitted). Alice was Alice Caunt and Plungar is the next village to Stathern and Harby. It is 3.3 miles from Harby and 2.3 miles from Stathern. Alice was baptised at Plungar on 22 Nov 1778, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (IGI). William Kemp was possibly son of James Kemp and Olivia Walker, baptised on 27 Sept 1773 (IGI submitted).
William Kemp b 1809 does not appear in the 1881 census and I suspect he had died – death registered Melton Mowbray June 1877 7a 182, aged 68.
I have made no attempt to go further back on the Kemp or Willows families.

Ann Johnson b 1811 Coddington
Ann was Joseph’s sister and she comes into the picture as The 1861 census shows Ann age 50, born Coddington living in Old Lane, Claypole with her husband, Andrew Smith (agrees with the will) aged 60, farmer of 34 acres, born Goadby, Leicester (east of Leicester just south of A47) . Elizabeth Johnson, niece aged 15, servant, born Ash, Kent was living with them. She is the daughter of Ann’s brother Joseph, born 1815. Robert Speed, 16, servant was also living with them.
The 1871 census shows Ann age 60, born Coddington living in Claypole with her husband, Andrew Smith (agrees with the will) aged 70, farmer of 31 acres, born Goadby, Leicester (east of Leicester just south of A47) . Elizabeth Johnson, niece aged 25, dressmaker, born Ash, Kent was still living with them.
The 1881 census shows Ann (Smith) was living in Main St, Claypole. She was widowed, aged 70. Richard Willows a retired farmer aged 77, born Foston, Lincolnshire was boarding in the same house together with Amilia Aldrige 20, and Fanny Hearsall 14, both general servants and Tom Musson 14, a farm servant. Source RG11; 3379; 56; 20.
Possibly Ann had no children. There are no likely baptismal records in a search of IGI parents Andrew and Ann Smith 1840+- 20.
Ann, died 12 February 1888 aged 7(8?) i.e. born c1810, and her husband Andrew Smith died 4 July 1871 aged 73. They are buried at Claypole.

This Richard Willows was born about 1804 in Foston (baptised Foston 17 Feb 1805 parents Richard and Mary). He is in the 1841 census living in Foston:
Richard Willows, 35; Ruth 40; Mary 15; John 10; Richard 8; William 4; Elizabeth 2; and Daniel 11 months. I think the son Richard married Elizabeth Susan Johnson. And so Richard Willows who was boarding with Elizabeth’s aunt Ann Smith was Elizabeth’s husband’s father.
Richard Willows married Ruth Hindson at Foston on 19 May 1825 (IGI)
1851 census still in Foston: Richard 47, cottager; Ruth 51, wife; and their children: Mary 25, single; William 14; Elizabeth 12; Daniel 10; Rebecca 5 and Samuel 5 months – all born Foston.. Of the other children Ruth 15, was a kitchen maid to a Walkington family in Grantham and Richard 18, was a farm servant for William Whittaker at Long Bennington. I don’t know where son John was.
The following children of Richard and Ruth were baptised at Foston:
Mary 5 March 1826
Martha 20 Jan 1828 died young ?
John 13 Feb 1831
Richard 19 May 1833
Ruth 7 June 1835
William 26 Feb 1837
Elizabeth 16 Sept 1838
Daniel, Rebecca and Samuel ?

1861 census I have not got Richard b 1834 yet.
1871 census Living in Foston Richard Willows 36, it looks as if he was Widowed. His occupation is unclear “Machienied” (machinist ? but he was a farmer) born Foston; Sarah Willows 18, niece, housekeeper, born Foston and a servant.